Join Us

Why join us

    The European Union has a growing impact on the development of social services in Europe, through

    • European Social Dialogue,
    • legislation,
    • European Funds,
    • its Strategic vision.

    The Federation of European Social Employers can help social services employers have a voice at European level in all these areas.  

    The Social Employers can also help you to

    • strengthen your strategic position at EU level,
    • influence European legislation,
    • establish common positions with other members, and negotiate with European Trade Union associations representing workers in social services, to ensure quality service provision and quality jobs,
    • stimulate the exchange of good practices among Employers.

        How to join us

        What are the options?

        The Federation of European Social Employers have three types of Membership:

        1. Full Members, representing national social services employers in social services, who have the right to vote in the General Assembly.
        2. Associate Members, representing national associations of social service providers, who wish to become employers.
        3. Observer Members
            1. for those who wish to learn more about the Social Employers, before becoming Full or Associate Members; albeit for a limited duration,
            2. for those who fulfil none of the above but who can help to support the Social Employers achieve their objectives.

          How to become a member?

          Step 1: Become familiar with the aims, objectives and structure of the Social Employers by reading

          You can ask any additional questions to our team in Brussels. There is also the option to ask another Membership organisation of the benefits of joining the Social Employers.

          Step 2: Complete the Application form and return by email to secretariat(at) or our director.

          Step 3: The General Assembly decides on Membership Applications received. Once agreed by the General Assembly, you become a member of the Social Employers and benefit from the full range of services we provide.

          If you have any further questions regarding membership, please do not hesitate to contact us.