The OSEO/SAH/SOS was founded in 1936 and became the OSEO/SAH/SOS Network in 2011 due to regionalisation. Today, it represents 12 organisations in 44 swiss towns, with approx. 1000 employees who are under a collective labour agreement. OSEO/SAH/SOS is one of the first providers of integration programs for unemployed people in Switzerland.

website: http://www.sah-schweiz.ch/fr/

The OSEO/SAH/SOS Network is committed to a socially, politically and economically fairer society. It aims to support people and organisations in their effort to be independent and in the defense of human rights. Work integration and support to refugees and migrants are its core activities.

The OSEO/SAH/SOS organisations develop integrational programmes for unemployed people, refugees or persons with specific needs. They are also active in the representation and legal advice for asylum-seekers. To support underprivileged families, the Network also organises vacation camps for children.

The OSEO/SAH/SOS Network is an observer member of the Federation of European Social Employers.