The Social Employers engage in research activities in order to provide evidence-based data to support its activities.

Most of its recent research has been done through the PESSIS projects which outline the state of play of social dialogue structures in 22 EU Member States. 

The Final European Report of the PESSIS 3 Project "Promoting employers’ social services in social dialogue" draws together the mapping of social dialogue in the social services sectors from each of the 22 national reports. Each national report presented a picture of how social dialogue is organised at local, regional and national levels and addressed the following six research questions:

  1. What is the size of the social services sector, both in terms of workforce and employers in aggregated value?
  2. How well represented is the sector in terms of number of employers and workers covered by collective agreements?
  3. What are the types of social dialogue or collective agreements that exist? 
  4. How many employers of the sector are involved in social dialogue and at what level?
  5. What are the key labour issues dealt with and at what level?
  6. Are there any labour issues that could be dealt with at European Union (EU) level?

The European report (2017) is available here.