Social Employers Observatory

The Social Employers engage in research activities in order to provide evidence-based data to support its activities.

The social services sector is one of the biggest job creators in Europe today, is contributing significantly to the European economy and also plays a crucial role in implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights. Nevertheless, there is a lack of information and data on the sector, its workforce and current challenges.

Objectives of the Observatory

  • To have a better understanding of the social services sector in terms of workforce, organisational management, social dialogue, funding & financing, quality of services and innovation of practices
  • For social services employers to share practices between EU member states, take inspiration from them to improve their services provision and to innovate.

➢ The Observatory aims to help the social services sector better respond to its challenges, provide better quality care and support services, create decent jobs and improve the effectiveness of public funding.

Report on Social Services Workforce in Europe

The report outlines the main characteristics of the social services sector in terms of employment, industrial relations, qualification and training, working conditions and the main challenges social services face across Europe. It is based on Eurofound and Eurostat data and on a questionnaire and interviews with the Social Employers’ members.

Read our Briefing Note summarising the main points here.

Read the full report here.

Report on the advantages of social dialogue for the social services sector

The report identifies hindering factors for social dialogue, focusing on several central and Eastern European countries, as well as the main needs for their capacity building. The report also describes experiences and recommendations on the functioning and setting-up of social dialogue, from national employer’s organisations in countries with well-established structures.

Read the full report here.