FEDAS Luxembourg

The Federation of Social Sector Actors (fédération des acteurs du secteur social - FEDAS) Luxembourg is the main network of social services organisations in Luxembourg. Their 180 members are active mainly in supporting children and families, persons with disabilities and older persons.

website: http://www.fedas.lu/fr/

FEDAS Luxembourg's mission is to:

  • Coordinate the proposals, initiatives and actions of its members engaged in the field of social action and disseminate innovations in their vast network.
  • Offer support and advice to its member organisations, including representing members interests and diverse needs towards public authorities.
  • Analyse the sector's challenges that require new approaches, implement new forms of action and be a source of proposals for the sector. To do this, FEDAS leads permanent platforms and ad hoc working groups.
  • Help member organisations to increase their management capacity, in terms of finance and human resources, by providing advice and answers to their daily management concerns.
  • Negotiate with social partners collective labor agreements.

FEDAS is a full member of the Federation of European Social Employers.