Volkshilfe Wien

Volkshilfe Wien is an Austrian provider of diverse care and support services for people in special situations.

website: https://www.volkshilfe-wien.at/

Caring for and looking after people in need is the main area of responsibility of Volkshilfe Wien. It not only provides humanitarian aid, but is also a service provider on behalf of the municipality of Vienna for the areas of care and support, assistance for the homeless, eviction prevention, work integration, refugee care and child and youth care.

Volkshilfe Wien employs around 1,500 people. Around 800 of them work in the field of mobile care every day - they look after and care for the people on site. With around 3,000 members, Volkshilfe Wien is one of the strongest charitable associations in Vienna.

Volkshilfe Wien is an observer member of the Federation of European Social Employers.