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“Long-term care workforce: employment and working conditions” a new report by Eurofound

December 14, 2020

 “Long-term care workforce: employment and working conditions” a new report by Eurofound

Eurofound published a report with key findings on the long-term care (LTC) workforce and policy recommendations to address labour shortages and improve working conditions.

Due to the demographic changes and the impact of COVID-19 on LTC, the workforce demand is steadily increasing, and is likely to continue growing in the years to come.

The Eurofound report addresses this by investigating the working conditions in LTC and providing information about the LTC employment trends and workforce.

Eurofound points out policy recommendations, which are also highlighted by the Social Employers in their feedback on the European Commission’s green paper roadmap on ageing .

The policy recommendations include:

  • The need to recognise the key role of LTC workforce and improve working conditions in the sector,
  • More training, use of technology and better staffing ratios to improve working conditions,
  • Need for more public funding,
  • Better coverage of collective bargaining, which can help in improving evidence for policies, creating a better working environment, and enhancing service quality.

Eurofound  also refers to the Social Employers and EPSU joint position paper on recruitment and retention and the joint position paper on preparing the social services sector for the COVID-19 resurgence and increasing its resilience, to emphasise the importance of LTC and the need for adequate resources, to respond adequately to current needs.

 Read the full report here.

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