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2nd Capacity building event for Social dialogue in Romanian Social services

October 1, 2020 - Project News

2nd Capacity building event for Social dialogue in Romanian Social services

On 29th September, the Social Employers together with our Romanian member, FONSS hosted online the 2nd capacity building event to discuss the updates on social dialogue in the Romania social services sector.

This second capacity building online event with our Romanian partners, is developed in the framework of DialogueS, aiming to build capacity for national and EU-level sectoral social dialogue in social services. The discussion was opened by Diana Chiriacescu (FONSS) and Sylvain Renouvel (Social Employers), providing an overview on the last meeting and on the lack of social dialogue in social services sector in Romania.

This was followed by the presentation of the report on the benefits of Social Dialogue in Social Services, highlighting challenges, benefits of social dialogue from employers’ perspectives, good practices and recommendations from national and European perspectives. Moreover, the report developed after the first capacity building event in Romania, was also introduced. The main learnings from this report shows that most of social services structures in Romania are run by the private sector but are smaller than public ones. That explains why the private sector employs 14,000 employees, while the public one employs 78,000.

The main challenge in Romania to establish social dialogue in the sector, is the limitations due to the legislation in terms of representativeness, implementation of agreements and difficulties to create sectoral employer’s federations.

During the event, the Social Employers highlighted that the Romanian unfavourable legal framework is denounced by the European Council’s Country specific recommendations 2019 and 2020 which ask for reforms to improve:

  • The collective agreement coverage particularly at sectoral level;
  • The definitions of economic sectors;
  • The involvement of social partners on policies issues and reforms, key for the success of a recovery strategy in the light of the current crisis;
  • The follow up of the ILO recommendations on the freedom of association.

The same recommendations are taken by the 2020 Eurofound report “capacity building for effective social dialogue in the EU”.

This event also gave the opportunity to open a discussion between Greek partners from EEA Margarita and Romanian partners to share their experience on building cooperation. The continuation of this common work between employers across EU member states is key to further develop the capacity building for social dialogue in social services at national and EU level.

Supporting Documents

Summary report


Report on Social dialogue in social services in Romania

CSR Romania 2019 and 2020

Eurofound report


Diana Chiriacescu, FONSS 

Alina Pavicevac, Sylvain Renouvel Social Employers 

Ioannis Bistas, Dimitris Tourlidas EEA Margarita

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