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Capacity building for Social dialogue in Social services: 2nd national event in Greece

October 7, 2020 - Project News

Capacity building for Social dialogue in Social services: 2nd national event in Greece

On 5th October the Social Employers together with Margarita and Pepsaee, discussed on the state of play of social dialogue in social services sector in Greece, in an online national event.

This 2nd Greek capacity building event was held in the framework of the DialogueS project; a project that aims to build capacity for national and EU-level sectoral social dialogue in social services.

The event was opened by the Social Employers Vice President Jiří Horecký, and Giannis Bistas, Head of Educational Programs of EEA Margarita. They provided an overview on the state of play of social services sector and social dialogue in Greece and at European level, as well as the impact of COVID-19 in the sector.

This was followed by the presentation of the main messages from the report on the Benefits of Social Dialogue, which analyses challenges, benefits of social dialogue from employers’ perspectives, good practices and recommendations from national and European perspectives. The Social Employers also highlighted the EU recommendations through the European Semester 2019 and 2020, and Eurofound:

  • Investments in Greece should focus on the promotion of inclusive, affordable and high-quality social services, as well as on developing day-care centres.
  • Comprehensive access to social services for more vulnerable groups
  • social dialogue can improve the labour market functioning
  • Supporting the involvement of social partners in decision making process
  • Legislative reforms to promote capacity building for effective social dialogue
  • Guidelines for effective collective bargaining

The Greek partners presented the main learnings from the Greek workforce report, showing the main challenges to establish social dialogue, as the lack of Employers’ representative body in the sector, the lack of unifying system.

This has been followed by a discussion between participants, including the partner from Romania, where they exchanged their experiences to further develop the capacity building for social dialogue in social services at national and EU level. Further cooperation between employers across EU member states will be developed through new projects. It is key to stablish a structure for social dialogue at national level to influence social policies at EU level.  

Supporting Documents


Summary report 

Report on Workforce trends & challenges and social dialogue in social services in Greece 


Alina Pavicevac and Sylvain Renouvel Social Employers 

Nikos Drosos, Treasurer of the Board of Directors, PEPSAEE

For details about the DialogueS project here.

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