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Commission proposes measures for strong EU Social Dialogue

March 1, 2021

Commission proposes measures for strong EU Social Dialogue

The Cabinet of the Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights Nicolas Schmit has published a report on strengthening EU social dialogue. The report was written by the special advisor on Social Dialogue, Andrea Nahles.

The report aims to identify the main issues at stake and produce a set of proposals. It calls for raising the profile of social dialogue within the EU and increasing awareness of its importance. The proposed measures to improve European social dialogue are:

  • Better involvement of national social partners in the European Semester, especially in those countries where involvement is currently inadequate.
  • Improve the mechanisms and effectiveness of the main bodies for tripartite and bipartite social dialogue at EU level, the Tripartite Social Summit, and the Social Dialogue Committee.
  • Ensure a consistent approach to consultations of social partners on new Commission initiatives.
  • More European social partner agreements, which are the most important and effective outcomes of social dialogue at EU level.
  • Promotion of national registries for collective agreements, to ensure transparency, and help the social partners when negotiating new collective agreements.

Proposed measures to support capacity building to benefit national social partners:

  • More financial support for capacity building, including through the ESF+, and ensuring that national governments make better use of the available funding.
  • Setting up of a platform for the exchange of experiences and best practice on social dialogue.
  • More social partner debates on the future of work, also in cooperation with the existing tripartite EU agencies (Eurofound, CEDEFOP, and EU-OSHA).

The Social Employers are actively working on strengthening and promoting social dialogue in the social services sector at national and EU level, supported by the European Commission.

The Social Employers are ready and willing to further engage with the Commission to fulfil this common objective and to accomplish an effective Action Plan to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights. Read the Social Employers proposals to strengthen social Europe, by investing in social services and social dialogue, here.

Read the full report on strengthening EU social dialogue HERE.

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