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FAQ - Socially Responsible Public Procurement

January 26, 2021

FAQ - Socially Responsible Public Procurement

The Commission has developed a document answering the 15 most frequently asked questions on socially responsible public procurement.

The European Commission has actively worked to support socially responsible public procurement and to promote its use across the EU.

Public procurement allows public authorities to buy ethical products and services. At the same time, it also creates job opportunities, decent work, social and professional inclusion and better conditions for persons with disabilities and people in disadvantaged situation.

Public procurement is a strategic tool for the social services sector, it provides contracting authorities with a vehicle to achieve social goals and to ensure the respect of social and labour rules.

During one of our European Thematic Meetings, the Social Employers and EPSU have already  discussed the state of play of national public procurement practices and identified what can be done at European level to promote socially responsible public procurement in the field of social services.

The Commission has already collected and disseminated 71 good practice cases, held workshops in 15 EU countries and developed a guide to encourage public buyers to use public procurement to achieve positive social and ethical impact.

The Q&A document provides a better understanding on how socially responsible public procurement works, including its objectives, challenges, legal framework, and opportunities.

Have access to the FAQ HERE.

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