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Joint Position Paper on Digitalisation in the social services sector

July 19, 2019 - Social Dialogue News / Policy News / Project News

Joint Position Paper on Digitalisation in the social services sector

The Federation of European Social Employers together with the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) developed a joint position paper on digitalisation in the social services sector.

The joint position paper is the result of several meetings and ongoing discussions between the Social Employer and EPSU, reflecting the point of view of both employers and employee representatives on this topic. The paper provides a common definition of digitalisation and outlines the major effects digitalisation has on the sector and on employment. It then goes on to describe in more detail the main opportunities and challenges connected to the introduction of new digital technologies in social services.

The last two paragraphs are dedicated to the role of collective bargaining and social dialogue to regulate the introduction and use of new technologies; and the possible topics to be addressed on the basis of a joint workplan between the Social Employers and EPSU, to ensure that the social services sector best responds to digitalisation - in the context of a sectoral social dialogue committee.

Read full joint position paper, available in:








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