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New report provides recommendations on COVID-19 and the social care workforce

December 8, 2020

New report provides recommendations on COVID-19 and the social care workforce

An interesting report from Kent university presents key findings on the impact of COVID-19 in the social services workforce and recommendations for the sector and its workforce.

This report presents and discusses the findings from an online survey completed by 296 front line care workers from across the UK in July/August 2020. It shows that many care workers in the UK experienced increased workloads and levels of stress, as well as a reduced feeling of safety at work, due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the social care sector in the country.

Key findings:

  • From a total of 296 respondents, 165 (56%) increased their working hours, and 52 (18%) had to self-isolate. A sixth of those who needed to self-isolate did not receive any pay.
  • One in five care workers perceived to have not received adequate COVID-19 training while one in six did not receive clear guidance or necessary PPE to do their job safely and effectively.
  • The increased workload and reduced feelings of safety at work appear to have had a clear impact on workers' general health.

The situation requires an urgent response to protect care workers, service users and their families.

Key recommendations:

  • Provide adequate funding
  • Develop a more connected approach between health and social care

The report’s conclusion is that it is essential to ensure the continuity and ability of the sector and its workforce to provide accessible, affordable and quality social services and meet the rising demands for social care.

Read the report here.

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