Our Objectives

Who are the Social Employers?

The Federation of European Social Employers is the voice of employers in the field of social services at European level.

Social Services employers are some of the biggest job creators in Europe today. We also contribute significantly to the European economy and play a crucial role in implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights.

Our objectives are

  • To strengthen the position of employers in social services at European and national level;
  • To influence European legislation, in particular through European social dialogue structures;
  • To establish common positions between our members, and negotiate with European Trade Union Associations representing workers in social services, to ensure quality service provision and quality jobs;
  • To stimulate the exchange of goods practices.

    Why Europe? 

    The European Union has a growing impact on the development of social services in Europe through European Semester process, EU legislation and strategy and EU funds.  European social partners have a key role to play in these processes.

    Why European Social Dialogue?

    The European treaties give a special status to recognised social partners (employers and employee representatives). They allow them to contribute to the governance of the European Union and the definition of European social standards; through both cross-sectoral and sectoral social dialogue.

    In addition to their capacity to negotiate  agreements and papers, recognised social partners at EU level are entitled "to exclusive consultations on policy initiatives in the area of employment and social affairs (Art.154 TFEU). This status also gives them the opportunity to co-legislate EU law, if they wish to (Art.155 TFEU).

    Why the Social Employers?

    If you want to have a stronger voice at EU level, take part in social dialogue structures for social services, and cooperate with social services employers' from other countries, then the Social Employers is made for you!

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